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13 years ago

Contacts: Individual customer type

We are in the trial stage of MYOB Live, we have two issues that may steer us away from the program. We are a lawnmowing & garden kerbing business, with a fairly even split of business and individual clients. When creating a contact for an individual, we can see that we have to put the client name in the business name field - dilemma is, if we put say Andrea Zappia in, it will appear correctly on the invoice, but will be listed under A in all of our reports - on the flip side, if we create as Zappia, Andrea then it will list correctly in our reports under Z, but will appear on the invoice as Zappia, Andrea, which we feel looks unprofessional. Can we see the facility of Individual customers being created?

Secondly; a majority of our clients have a different billing to shipping address; in particular we have customers who own rental properties, and both addresses need to be reflected on the invoices; similarly business clients with more than one site whom we service. Presently only the billing address appears on the invoice and the only way the shipping address can be inserted is to manually insert in the notes section of each invoice; with approximately 120 clients this is a big negative. So could we see the auto insertion of a shipping address on the invoices as is done in other MYOB products. Look forward to your response. Helen


"Creating Customers - Individuals & Inserting Shipping Address onto invoices"


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    There is a lot that is good about live accounts, but it still remains a work in development, it is my belief that you should be looking at one of the fully fledged Accounting Products - tried and tested and can accomodate the issues you have raised. 



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    Hi Helen,

    Welcome to the MYOB Community User Forum.


    Just following on from what Ron has said; have you looked at using MYOB AccountRight Basics?


    You can road test for Free by downloading it from this link MYOB AccountRight Basics - Free Trial.


    You can use the shipping addresses that come with each customer card for the rental properties that exist with each customer; although the original card for each customer is limited to 4 shipping addresses you can add any number of cards for each customer that can each include up to 5 shipping addresses.  I have a two motor mechanic clients that have customers who have up to 16 vehicles that are serviced and use a shipping address to hold a vehicle's relevant details.  Their customised invoice displays the details of the vehicle serviced (sourced from the relevant shipping address) under the heading of 'Vehicle Serviced:' instead of the default 'Shipping Address' label.


    If after trialing MYOB AccountRight Basics you decide to buy then I can offer it to you for $250 and provide you with the shipping address use 'know-how' and a customised invoice to get you up and running; as well as some tricks and hints to make your MYOB AccountRight Basics ownership a happy experience.:smileywink:

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      Hi Tony

      Thanks for your very informative reply, much appreciated. We are currently using Account Right Plus 2012 (after upgrading from v19.6), which despite its initial problems is a good program. We were looking for something a little more simplified, and that could be done 'on the fly' so to speak and across a number of platforms; windows laptop, ipad and more than likely a mac desktop in the near future, so it is a case of trying to find the happy medium. I think if Windows Live could get those couple of basic matters rectified then that would be the ideal way to go for us. Anyway back to the drawing board for a while. Regards Helen

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    I feel the same way as Helen. I have just moved from Account Right to Live Accounts so we can use our tablet on the road to do invoicing & emailing. I have trialled Live Accounts a little & was advised from a friend that this was a great way to go - he was right, it is an awesome programme so far & I am just putting all of my invoices in then realised i don't have the opportunity of putting 2 addresses in. There is 2 addresses available in the contact screen but only the street address comes up on the invoice - is there any way that can be changed please?



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    Hi Helen, we are in the process of planning both these enhancements, individual customers and adding the shipping address to invoices. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    Just wanting help on something.  We have a small amount of customers that we pop onto a cash account.  The cash account is set up with our details on the card file and I'm wanting to type in the delivery address at invoice input stage so it prints out on the invoice but I cant find a field to pop into the existing invoice format that will let me do this.


    Is there a way I can achieve this without updating the card file every time we have a cash sale


    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will allow for a contact to be created as an individual by selecting the Individual option on the Add new customer option. With an individual, a First Name and Last Name are entered, not a Business Name.