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11 years ago

Dashboard: Show previous GST Payment/Refund amounts

 One of the most useful items to me with the previous Dashboard in Live Accounts was the PAYG and GST estimates  which would update themselves automatically as you allocated transactions in accounts.  As the quarterly BAS payment is made up of PAYG and GST and Superannuation is a seperate payment doesn't it make sense to have a 'You owe the ATO" or "The ATO owes you" which is the combined figure of both and then the super you owe seperately?  After every session I could glance at that figure and put money aside in preparation accordingly.  Also the previous quarters estimate would still be visible on the Dashboard once the date ticked over as obviously nobody has finalised their Jan - Mar BAS on April 1st!!  Anyway it used to be so easy to get that information!  Why has this been removed and changed?  Surely I'm not the only one that wants that information with one click?


"Dashboard Missing Quarterly GST and PAYG amounts"


  • Hi,


    Can there be an option to show GST owed for the previous quarter rathat than what is accruing in the current quarter?


    When it comes time to finalising the BAS that is falling due it would be good to see the previous quarter total there.





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      Currently the "GST to pay" widget on the dashboard, resets each quarter, even though you may not have paid your GST for the previous quarter yet.


      That means it's understated for about 28 days, 4 times a year....i.e. a third of the year (if you don't pay until due date each month)


      The "PAYG and Super" widget doesn't work like this. It's a running total, which reduces when it's paid.


      Can this please be made consistent between the two widgets?



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        This is a great idea and a huge frustration for me!


        I suggest that it is made consistent but perhaps have the option to display it either quarterly or annually. I prefer it to be annually but others may like it quarterly.


        Either way, if it isn't consistent it's not usable information.

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      Hi Rob,


      I agree totally.  I have many clients who look at the figure on the dashboard and think that is what they currentlly owe the ATO and I keep having to remind them to just ignore the number on the dshboard as it is not correct.



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      Just adding my support for this change.


      I was using the dashboard as an indication of what was owed to the ATO etc.  Surely it should show the total GST liabilities, not just the GST for the current quarter.  For example, a total number (just like the PYAGW and Super) which has a down arrow - on expansion it shows previous quarter balance and current quarter balance.




  • Status added:
    Thanks for your feedback on this change. I would just like to confirm the new dashboard does give you the figures of GST Refund and GST to Pay so the information is still visible to an extent. That being said, of course, we're happy to consider putting in something that more closely resembles the old system, other users who would like this please make sure that you vote if you would like this added.
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    The new dashboard only gives the GST to Pay for the current period. The GST to Pay for the previous period does not appear anywhere on the dashboard. 

    Perhaps the dashboard could show separate amounts for the GST periods as per the settings for the file. Then people would know what is due on what date. 

  • I would like to add my vote for the dashboard to show current information for GST liability. This information is used for cashflow purposes and it would be best if it only disspears as owing off the dashboard once you've paid your BAS, not when the period ends.

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    Thank you very much for your comments Marie_22 and Swiftbiz. We understand you would like the dashboard to have more information regarding amounts owed to the ATO / Super Funds. Having separate sections for different / previous quarters sounds like a good idea.


    We request others who would like this to please vote and add any relevant comments.