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7 months ago

Find and Replace - Not clear for end user



It just took me way too long to work out to click on the "Replace" - it is not obvious to click there to get the next prompt.   Just looks like a heading as it is. 


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  • Hi Cloud_Mind,


    Thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestions. We genuinely appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and thoughts regarding the "replace'' button. We understand the importance of user-friendly interfaces and will certainly consider your recommendation to make the "replace" button more prominent. Our team is continuously exploring options such as enhancing the visual design, adding a clear prompt, or making the button more distinct to ensure that users can easily identify and engage with it. Your input is instrumental in helping us refine our system and better meet the needs of our users.


    Thank you once again for bringing this to our attention. We'll pass this feedback along to the relevant team. If you've got any additional insights or specific ideas, please feel free to share them with us.