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3 years ago

Invoices: Expand out Customer column

Our customers don't use Purchase orders so we have no purpose having the field displayed. Additionally the Customers column is so narrow you can't read the name of the customer. So if you are going down a list of invoices for a period of time matching up to our manifest, we can't read enough of the name, so we have to open every invoice to see who it is for, which is a complete waste of time since if the column was able to be wider we would be able to just read the name.

Widening the entire screen would also be great but even just being able to adjust the columns would be a massive improvement.

"Invoices: Allow the Customers column to be wider and hide the PO number"


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    Hey Guys


    I also have a customer that struggles with not being able to identify the customer in the invoice screen. It slows them down and is terribly frustrating.