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6 years ago

Items: Allow pricing up to 4 decimal places

As of August 2018, a manually-entered price on a sale or purchase can have 4 decimal places. When creating an item, although 4 decimal places are permitted in the price fields, when saved they are reduced to 2. This will assist in avoiding rounding errors with GST-inclusive line totals, especially since prices cannot (yet?) be specified as GST-inclusive.


"Allow item prices with 4 decimal places"


  • Is there a way to overwrite and keep the 4 decimal?  or alternatively, can we not use the unit price to calculate the invoice total but just mannually enter in the item total?

  • Thanks Mike.  We want to keep the 4 decimal places rather than the 2, so it gives more accurate calculation.  Eg if I sell 1000 items at 1.2345, price is $1234.5, if rounded, I’m only going to get $1230.  Can the sale price be overwritten? If not on MYOB essentials, is it possible on MYOBRight?

  • I am having the same issue,  I need at least 3 decimal places to be able to charge as a percentage. eg 3.5% is represented as.035. At the moment it rounds up to .04 


    Has anyone had a helpful reply from MYOB on this?

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The unit price for an item on an invoice within MYOB Business can be entered up to 6 decimal places. Additional values can be entered but would be rounded to 6 decimal places after exiting out of that field.

    Please note: The amount field will always be 2 decimal places.