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7 years ago

Items: Link purchase items with selling item (different items numbers)

Unsure if this has been mentioned by someone else however as an auto repair business, we provide quotes and invoices to our customers and obviously buy parts for the repairs. I would be great to be able to link the purchased items with my own item number rather than creating a whole new item just for onsell purposes. We obviously dont want the suppliers item number on the quotes and invoices but it would be great to link the two together to show buy VS sell margins and even be able enter lets say a 25% markup which pulls that price across to the code when entering on the quotes. 


At this point in time, we have to enter the suppliers item as one, recreate another item as the one that we put on our quotes and provide our own markups without record of what the markup is and profit margin. 


In addition to this, our suppliers are quite cheeky at times and significantly change the prices each time goods are purchased. It would be great to have a record of each time the item has been purchased and the change in price viewable within the item screen. 


"'Item' Screen - Ability to Link Item Number and Margins"


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    Hi JBFibreglass - Welcome back to the Community Forum.


    You might like to look at an add-on for Essentials - MechanicDesk for automotive & mechanical workshops.


    It works with Essentials and AccountRight Live and is available from $45 per month (1 user/employee)


    You can also see more info on their main website - MechanicDesk Online Workshop Management


    They've received some good testimonials from their users.


    Kym Yeoward, Darwin

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