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13 years ago
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Items: Stock Inventory

Would be greta if MYOB live had stock inventory and ordering. Would save a lot of time having to use a seperate ptogram just for stock control


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    there should be away of having some sort inventory on essentials, for example if i buy 10 apples from a supplier, sell 9 my balance is 1 apple. that way i can track stock, proformance and be able to kinda predict future supply.

    currently i have to go through all the invoices every month to find; types of items sold, balance of items, items supplied, individual sales and purchases of items. its painful :( 

  • Essentials needs an Inventory function.
    For the price I pay for Essentials, I can think of two alternatives that include an inventory function. I just want to track stock levels, and have stock movement accounted for automatically in accounts.


    I've had 25 days of a 30 day trial with MYOB Essentials, and have decided on Intuit. They have an easy-to-use inventory feature, with a good level of detail. Plus more features, for example easy accounting for merchant fees - a pain to do in Essentials if you have hundreds of transactions every month.


    I would even spring for Accountright if it were available on a mac. It's not.


    What I want to see is a cloud-based Accountright. The MYOB interface is my favourite, but there are simply not enough features on Essentials. I'm really disappointed. There's so much to like about MYOB, but just not enough features for what I need.


    A simple inventory feature would get me across the line. Thanks!

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    Enabling inventory control after purchase and sale entries have been done

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