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8 years ago

Online Payments: Enable feature for New Zealand (NZ) Businesses

Hello :) Please can we have a credit card and debit card payment facility on invoices we issue to our New Zealand customers.  Currently only Australian businesses have this feature enabled.  My customers only have the option of online payment (which only gives our account number) or cheque!  There isn't even anywhere to put a PayPal link or anything.  Thank you!


"New Zealand credit card and debit card payments on invoices to customers."


  • I have been researching to see possible ways to add a option for our clients to pay via credit card, not only by bank transfer. As PayDirect Online is not available for NZ based customers of MYOB yet, even though from what I have seen people have been asking for it for over two years.


    After MYOB acquired PayCorp in 2017 I would of thought this would of been in the pipeline to add since Xero already has this feature.


    If anyone can suggest another way to allow clients to pay via credit card when I send invoices out through MYOB essentials that would be great.

  • I can't believe that NZ is excluded from the Oline Payment facility on MYOB Essentials.

    I really think this is necessary.

  • New Zealand

    Can we also have the invoice credit card payment option in New Zeland