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11 years ago

Pay items: Allow for change in linked account

Please refer to my link.   Salary Sacrifice and RESC


In the payroll employee set up users will require the standard superannuation payroll categories in the payroll set (Same as default options in AccountRight 2014.2) and for the same to be reported correctly on the payment summaries.  


Can I suggest if adding a deduction, allowance or commission the user should be given the option of what G/L account it should be posted?  


I have created my own work around for this however I am not confident it is robust and if it reports on the Payment Summaries correctly?


Please review prior to end of payroll year if it is not already on the list to be fixed.





"Superannuation set up in employee cards"


  •  It would be good if in the Employee section of Earnings/Deductions you could chooses which account it would be go to instead of the locked default Payroll-Deductions 2-2800 Account. I can't do a Running Balance on the current Standard Deduction as 2 employees are using the same 2-2800 account and it is not known whom is paying off what.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows for users to select their own linked accounts for pay items.


    For more information on this topic please see Help Article: Creating pay items.