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7 years ago

Pay items: Per km rate

We have a logistics company.

We pay our drivers "per kilometer" (this can be up to 6060km a week).

The "per kilometre rate" can differ for each employee - depending on the truck size being driven (single, B double etc).   


As there is no option for us to enter the number of weekly kilometres driven, we had to create a pay category "amount paid for kilometres driven".

Once we have manually calculated the (weekly total km's x the drivers pay rate), on a separate spreadsheet, we then have to enter the final dollar into MYOB (creating more work than should be necessary).


The ability to set up each driver with their pay rate per km, and to have a "KM's" column would be the ideal scenario.

So once I have set up the employees pay rate, all I need to do is enter in how many kilometres she/he has driven, and MYOB will calculate the pay. 




I havent found Essentials very user friendly, and it really doesn't cater to our type of business.


"Logistics business - paid per km (not hourly or on salary)"


  • We own a tranport company and a number of our drivers are paid a kilometre rate, not hourly rate. 


    Would like to suggest making this an option when i input details into payslips.


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