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7 years ago

Quotes: Include Accept button for customer

Hey Guys,


Would love a couple of new features


1.Adding accept button to quotes,  so clients can accept or decline a quote,  if they accept then its recreated and resent as a invoice.


2.Alternative reply to email address - this would allow a number of people dealing with my certain clients recieve the emails also allows separation of areas of the business.


"Adding accept button to quotes and Alternative reply to email address"


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    I've noticed some other software providers are now sending quotes through with a button on the email that lets the client accept or decline the quote and presumably sends something back to record that the quote has been agreed too. Is there something like that we can set up in MYOB?


    We've had so many problems with people this year accepting the quotes then quibbling over the bill later. I'm keen to have records of quote acceptance in MYOB as well as our systems so that we can have timelines etc to back us up further.

  • Has this still not been added, these comments were made some years ago. It's a real let down and inconvenience to have to ask the client to accept by another means. It would be really great to have an acceptance/decline button. Then we have no room for error or misunderstandings.