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11 years ago

Quotes: Show total, not total due



I've just been playing around with the new quote function and so far it looks pretty good - one issue though is that as you are entering the quote it has the amount of the quote as 'Total' as it should be. However once it's printed on screen the amount of the quote changes to 'Amount Due' (it also has an Amount Paid field).It is the same if you email it?


 I don't think this is the correct terminology given that it is only a quote - we aren't requesting any money at this stage.





"New quote function"


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    Thanks for the idea. We would love to hear what other users think. Please keep the votes and comments coming.
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    Hi Barry


    Thanks for you post.


    I wouldn't have thought it would be an 'idea' to have the emailed/printed quote say total instead of amount due? it seems to me that this is a bit of a glitch because on screen the quote says total???


    Once the quote is previewed or emailed it is requesting money to be paid?






  • Hi Bec, 

    Your Live Accounts system certainly doesn't expect that amounts need to be paid on quotes and is setup to receive Customer Payments once they are converted to an Invoice. I can confirm that it does display saying "Amount Due" for the total field when emailed. This is something we would be happy to consider updating based on community feedback.

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew - MYOB

  • Hi Matt,


    Here's some community feedback for the issue that Bec raised a month ago.  


    Having the "Amount Due" printed at the bottom of a Quote is inappropriate, unprofessional and misleading.  It simply has reason to be there.


    Given one produces a quote in an attempt to win an order its probably not in one's best interests to be informing the client that an "Amount is Due".


    Hope you can have it deleted soon, we won't be issuing Accounts Live Quotes to clients until its fixed.



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    Coming Soon
    Thanks for your feedback. This functionality has now been added to LiveAccounts. We really appreciate all your votes and comments to help improve the product.
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    A month after raising this (I am not the only to do so) I am re-posting this as an idea - IMO it is URGENT to remove the "amount due" reference in quotes. 


    This was removed after feedback and discussion last year and somehow has re-appeared since the upgrade.

    Why was it put back in?


    Trying to be patient here