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8 months ago


I am in the process of sending out 250 invoices. I have 100 to go and it asks for reCaptcha verification on almost every invoice and it takes 2-6 goes and sometimes up to 12 goes before it moves on. This is a RIDICULOUS, TIME WASTING feature.


MYOB, sort this **bleep** out. 


I got the standard spiel about why you have it, but it will cost me a couple of hours of extra time. FIND A BETTER WAY, BECAUSE reCaptcha is **bleep**.


Did you get the message: you are wasting hours of my life with attrocious software design.


I hope you have it sorted by the next time I do the annual membership invoices...

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi, Dwubyd


    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


    We understand your frustration needing to do reCaptcha every invoice you will need to send. If your business has recently upgraded to MYOB Business, users must authenticate themselves using a reCAPTCHA system before they may email out of the software. Most users will find that function automatically disabled by the system after a certain period.


    It is meant to stop the MYOB Business system from being used to send unwanted emails from the system, and we are aware of the impact that enabling it has on users having to validate every time they invoice. This helps to prevent MYOB from "turning off" the email system for a while or from the email system becoming overloaded with messages, which would hinder genuine emails from being sent.


    The good news is that after a period of time, that function should be disabled for that MYOB business, thus allowing emails to be sent without the need to reCAPTCHA.


    Please feel free to create a post again if you encounter any further issues.


    Best regards,