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10 years ago

Receive money: Selection of account based on name or number

I have had numberous bookkeepers and business owners (used to being able to choose or enter an account code) complain that can be extremely slow if the expenditure being allocated is not in the usual expense code's first drop down list.  You have to scroll down click more then scroll down further.  This can be very time consuming if doing more than a couple of allocations  If you knew the account code...or a word from the account name...you should be able to enter these and narrow down the drop-down list or even better get the actual account to enter.


"choosing an account via drop downlist is extremely time consuming can we have it prefill from account code or name?"


  • Hi James,


    What about just typing the account?  I usually just start typing the name of the account and Essentials seems to find it straight away.



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    thanks Alan....I didn't know we could do this....I only tried after clicking drop down list arrow.  The bookkeepers are still going to complain that they cant enter account codes...but actually entering the account name into the field before the drop down list ...does narrow it down to quick and useable choice of accounts



  • Status changed:

    Hi JamesSullivan 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and selecting an account.

    As indicated by AlanT you can search an account by using a the account name but not the account number.  

    I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to search/enter an account via the account number to vote for this idea and comment if required.

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    We would also like the ability to select by account number (& name), wherever that is necessary, e.g. for journals, allocating bank entries, etc.


    By way of background, we were encouraged (co-oerced?) by our MYOB Account Manager at the time to convert all of our BankLink clients to MYOB Essentials. We did so on the understanding that the process for manipulating transactions & transferring same to the client's MAS ledgers would be essentially (no pun intended) the same. However, we have since discovered that there are a few subtle differences which have caused some angst within our practice, e.g.


    • Inability to set-up & process reversing journals

    • Inability to select accounts by name, not number

    • The fact that when the transaction data is transferred to MAS, the GST character of each transaction is "lost" (i.e. you can only view the net transactions after that point)
    • Overall "clunkiness" of allocating entries & processing journals (particulalry evdient when dealing with clients which have a large volume of bank & journal transactions)

    Note we also raised these issues recently with our current MYOB client manager, however their advice was to raise them on this forum, as that would be more likely given due attention by the powers that be?

  • We would prefer been able to choose accounts by account code rather than start typing the account name.  Also to have the drop down list give the option of choosing an account by category.  

  • I agree that you should be able to enter via account number. It is a lot quicker and solves errors when accounts have similar names and may be of different account types.

  • JoPearksKRNMS


    Have you tried typing the account number?  I don't have access to Essentials at the moment, however my reconciliation is that Essentials searches on bath the account name and number at the same time.


    Therefore if you know the account you want is a liability typing 2- would start listing all the liability accounts.





  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will allow users to search for an account by name or number within the Create receive money transaction window.