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3 months ago

Refererence field in bank feed allocation

In bank feeds, please can you include the Reference field in the 'allocate' dropdown and allow it to be changed.


Currently when allocating bank feeds in a reference number is automatically applied in the background . To see and change this reference number to something meaninful you have to use Find Transactions to search for and open the transaction. this is frustrating and time consuming.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi HelenL,


    Thanks for your post.


    My apologies for the late response. I understand your concern about the reference field in bank feed allocation. I cannot imagine how not having this can be frustrating and time-consuming. Thank you for sharing your ideas, and we appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. We'll be raising this through the required team. Rest assured that we'll provide communication and updates once the feature is added to our system. 


    If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.


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