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10 years ago

Report: Contact - Include ABN

Hi, Can we please have a report to export into excel that includes all the Supplier details rather than just Name, Type Phone and Email. Need to be able to export the data to excel to use in the ABN Lookup excel spreadsheet to do annual/regular checks on supplier existing or missing ABN's, current or cancelled status and to check the GST registration status. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you Liza


"Contacts Supplier ABN Report"


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    Hi OneWayBAS


    Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and Supplier reporting.

    Currently the only real report that will show you any card detail is the Contacts report. This will show the name, phone and email details of a contact. It currently doesn't show the ABN for supplier contacts. I would encourage users that would like to see this contact report to show the ABN for suppliers or another report for suppliers with the ABN included to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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    It would be great to have a report of suppliers used in a specific  finnancial year, for workers comp purposes.

    Report to read Trading name/ Acc type/ ABN/ Entity type/ Annual $.

    As well it would be grat if we can input Public Liability with a exp date , Workers comp with a exp date  and sub-contractors Statements  with a exp date.

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    This feature would be great.  A Report that shows Supplier ABN. 

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will allow the user to add the ABN column to the Contacts report which will showcase the contact's listed ABN.


    For more information on adding columns to reports please see Help Article: Customising reports.

  • If the supplier/ customer has business names, the MYOB users quite often make mistakes- create more than one card file for one entity, one for a business name and one for an entitiy name. Adding an ABN column in contact can prevent making these mistakes effectively.