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9 years ago

Report: Contact - Sort alphabetical

When I went to Reports to get our customer list, I was surprised that the list was not ordered alphabetically. I'm surprised that I even have to post it as a subject, because it is such an obvious thing that lists must be arranged alphabetically or in some other workable order to be useful. What is the point of having a randomly mixed list of customers? It's impossible to find a name there quickly, which is why you need one.

So, MYOB developers can you please make changes so that the customer or supplier lists are generated an alphabetical order. The contacts are indeed listed alphabetically when you reach them through View Contacts, however when one needs to have them printed out, the list in Reports is generated in a random fashion.


Thank you.




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    Thank you very much for your suggestion aplus


    Currently when you generate the report for a selected Typed it would list contacts according to when they are created in Essentials. I can definitely see that being able to sort the contacts in alphabetical order would make reporting easier. I encourage any interested users to cast your vote, and leave comments if needed. 

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    I am new to MYOB Essentials and feel it should be a basic function to be able to print out Contact reports alphabetically. Also it would be great to have addresses as well as phone and email.

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    Hi Everyone

    The Contacts report in MYOB Essentials is sorted alphabetically by the contact's name.

    If additional sorting is reported, this report can be exported to Excel for additional sorting (or filtering).