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12 years ago

Sales: Discount column

I agree with the other users who have asked for a discount column (in both invoices and expenses). It was the one feature that almost convinced me not to switch from AccountEdge to LiveAccounts.


Also, the fact that price fields are limited to 2 decimal points now means that when the total GST inclusive price shows up, it is often incorrect. For example, if an item sells for $3.50 including GST, it is set up in the item list as having a price of $3.18 excluding GST, but then when entering an invoice, say somebody bought 10 of this item, the total price including GST comes out at $34.98, not $35. A fix would be either to increase the number of decimal places or to allow a GST inclusive option in the item details. This is wasting a lot of time for me.


"Discount column... PLEASE!"