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10 years ago

Sales: Show unit price to 4 decimal places

when changing the item prices (to the GST exc price), we had to go to 4 decimal places to get this to add through correctly in the sales invoices (due to rounding). This then showed the unit price of the item to 4 decimal places (which didn’t look very nice). Is it possible that MYOB could bring in the option to show the unit price in invoices at 2-4 decimal places?


"Is it possible that MYOB could bring in the option to show the unit price in invoices at 2-4 decimal places"



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    We often have quantities exceeding 4 digits. At the moment we have to enter multiple smaller quantities since the column for quantity on Bills, whilst it will take large numbers wont PRINT out with more than 4 digits. Really annoying.

    We'd also like to option to change the look of our Bills to something that better fits with our branding.

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    We use unit prices that vary regularly with the market.

    Many of these unit prices are to 3 and 4 decimal places.

    However the Purchase Order that prints out only shws the price to 2 decimal places - eg: 0.121 prints as 0.12

    We need to have it print exactly as entered.

    At the moment we are having to handwrite a note on each to explain the anomally - not a very efficient way to work.

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      this is needed for hourly rates of pay too!

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    Thanks for the great suggestion JohnTheLA Anyone else who would like to be able to set the number of decimal places used on invoices, please cast your vote here.

  • This would also be great for hourly rate on payroll as well as our employees will either get a few cent more or let.. Being we cant pay them less then agreed we are forced to pay more...!!! :smileysad:

  • Yes! Im needing the Unit column to be tonnes and need it to be 3 decimal places. Came on here to see if its possible but doesnt look like its happened??

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    I am trying to convert from my MYOB18 version and it is a real pain as we have a situation where the boss tells someone what they will take home each week ... not their hourly rate. So most of the employees are not on a 2 decimal pay rate.

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    Thanks for this feature, It is a greatly appreciated function. I know many people who have changed services because this functionality took so long and many others offer it. This will make a huge difference to our record keeping processes. 

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows users to enter the Unit price of an item up to 6 decimal places.

    Please note: The Amount column will always be 2 decimal places.