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Sales: Unpaid invoice reminder notice

Where the company file is stored i.e. online or local
What the LAST FOUR DIGITS of the serial number is - Setup>>Company Information
What is the company file ID - Help>>About AccountRightalesIn MYOB essentials, having a tab/button on invoices that have past the due date allowing a single click "late notice" to be sent would be very helpful.  Or even an option to send reminder notices every xxx days automatically.  This could be a simple one off form or (even better) a form that could be customised along with the invoices themselves in the options menu.  In some circumstances the ability to add a late fee dollar amount or % would be useful.


I look forward to an update if possible, I would assume others may share this view too.




  • Are there any updates on the inclusion of an automated overdue invoice reminder?

    This would be great!

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    Hi there


    I've recently discovered how to use statements for this purpose.

    I've edited a steatement template and removed the word 'Statement'.  I've then typed a "Stage 1" reminder letter and removed the item details.  Ive left the 1, 2, 3 month overdue details at the bottom of the page.

    I then just print out a debtors list and tick the 'Stage 1' clients in the 'Email Statements' window.

    I've also done this for stage 2 & 3 Overdue Accounts.


    Hope this helps.



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    Seems this idea was posted way back in 2014, wonder of Product team has actually done anything about it? when can we actually see this in action?

  • I think this would also link in with my request that when you go to send the statements out we have the option to 'only include invoices to this date'. It would be good if we were then only shown the outstanding statements to print or email?

    Cheers Ingred

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    Definatly agree that this shoiuld be a standard feature. So MYOB will it finally happen?