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2 months ago

Spend money &n return to spend money page

I have over 100 spend money transactions to input - so that I can put the invoice number on the transaction.
Could I please - for the love of God, return to spend money page after I've saved a spend money transaction?  

It keeps going to the find transaction page instead - forcing me to go to banking, press spend money, then start again having to choose the account number.

So Please - we used to be able to do this - could we please just have the option to do another spend money transaction.


If not this could we please have the option to put the invoice/reference number on the match/allocate transaction in banking please? 


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    Hi PamelaBice,


    Your idea is really great, especially when there's a lot of spending and transactions you need to record. I've tried replicating your concern, and returning to the spend money page after recording a transaction isn't an option. However, I've submitted a request to consider adding this feature in future updates. Don't hesitate to drop us a post again if there's anything you need assistance with.


    Best regards,


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      Dear Doreen - I have found that they do indeed have a cure.  I spent half an hour on the chat line - where they had no idea and said that it should be something put to the developers.  

      HOWEVER - it's already there.

      I know that we, who use keyboards are very quick, and these stupid slow mouse operations are incredibly irritating - but there is a button - only available by mouse - where you can record and start a new spend money transaction (Record and new) - it's next to the record button.

      Truly I wish the help desk - or the forum had a link to this issue - now that would have been helpful.


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    Hi PamelaBice 


    I agree that the entire user Interface of Business is so non-intuitive and I have the same issue with a number of the ledgers I have for some of my clients.  However, if you notice it is possible to save and stay in the spend/receive money window - just very cumbersome.