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Bank Feeds: Inactive closed bank accounts

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I totally understand why bank accounts in bank feeds which have previous transactions attached can no longer be deleted. But is there anyway closed bank accounts can be inactivated so they don’t show in the drop down list maybe like employees cards?
"Close bank accounts in Bank Feeds"

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I have old bank accounts that have been made inactive, yet they are still appearing in the "Pay from Account:" field and employee is often rushing and posting to this account. I have tried re-numbering and it is still there Smiley Sad It is also annoying when running the Company Data Auditor to see these accounts. When made inactive it would be very helpful if these accounts would be hidden. This is problem is in AccountRight Plus Live.
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I have two bank accounts that were linked to bank feeds that are now closed. Every time I opne the Bank Feeds window, they appear (but not in the drop down window, as they are are inactive in the COA). It would be great to have these not showing at all to avoid confusion and waste of time.