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Bank Feeds - Search/Find invoice numbers easily in the Bank Feed Screen

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Loving the Control, Shift F function in AccountRight Live - Wow what a great feature MYOB.


Would be great to have the same function work in the BANK FEED screen.   I have a client that sends out hundreds of subscriptions orders for the same amount and the subscribers businesses have very similar names.   The subscribers pay detailing their order number (invoice number) on the payments.  


I have been using the Control, Shift F Function through the sales register to locate the order number easily and apply the payment to the correct subscriber however I have to go between the two screens.    It would be great if MYOB could incorporate the sales/purchase register into the Bank Feeds screen, with the ability for the screen to stay displayed on the page.   Perhaps sitting to the right hand side of the Bank Feed screen.   Having the ability to close down the  the sales/purchase register screen if you dont want it displayed.



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2017

Hi Everyone

I'm excited to announce that with the release of AccountRight 2017.2 the option of Advanced Search has been added to the Customer List in Recieve Payments. This will allow the user to search for the invoice number, customer or total of the invoice to make payment on it.  

This Advanced Search option will also appear on Recieve Payments transactions from Bank Feeds.




You can find out more information about this and other changes, including information on obtaining AccountRight 2017.2 from AccountRight 2017.2 now available.

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I really like this idea.  I think Bank Feeds are a great function, but can often be difficult to receive a payment when you only know the invoice number and it is the purchase order number that comes up on the receive payment screen, not the invoice number.

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Thanks for your vote Andy I am glad I am not the only user wanting this feature.  Hopefully we get some more votes Smiley Happy

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Thank you for your post. It would make it easier if you could easily access the Sales / Purchase register information in the Bank Feeds window, to easily look up information. We request others who would like this enhancement to please vote and comment on this post.
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Hi Suja_P


Just check back on this "idea" l know it only has 6 votes however this feature would save so much time.   Processing deposits would be cut in 1/2 if we could search invoice numbers etc within the bank feed screen.   At the moment we have to go between both the screens.


I hope this is on the road map to be implemented sooner rather than later. 




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Hi Guys,


I would like to have the ability to search by invoice number when while allocating bank deposits in BankFeeds.


Most invoices (including the standard invoice layout in AccountRight) asks the customer to quote the invoice number when paying by EFT, however, ARL does not give the user the ability to search for the invoice while creating a new customer payment in Bank Feeds without going to a new screen.


Please could we have this feature in the next release of ARL.





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Please also refer to my previous idea Search for Invoice Numbers in Bank Feed Screen


I have since discovered you can bring the Find transaction's up on the screen.   AlanT not sure if this will help but you can right click within the bank feed screen to bring up Find Transactions.  This has  helped a little however you can't view both windows at once Smiley Sad


Would be good have the Find transaction's Window to sit on the right hand side of the bank feeds screen permanently until the user selects to close the find transaction's window.


Hopefully MYOB can combine both our ideas and more users will vote as currently it is very time consuming.

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All MYOB has to do is change the type of view it is - in theory a 2 second fix. In the programming language I use it is a view if you want to be able to open others over top / do data entry or a modalpanel for lookups.

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Hi @BooksInTheCloud and @Liam_M 


Thanks for the suggestion.


In this case, the deposit is a payment from a customer and using the [Find] button in the Bank Feeds module with a deposit only looks for an exiting depost entry in MYOB and as this has not been created yet, there is nothing to find.


To explain a bit more...


If I was to record the payment from the Sales command centre, I would click the [Receive Payments] button and from here I can type [Ctrl]+[Y] and find the invoice number from the Invoice tab.


When you are in Bank Feeds and select the Receive Payments option from the [New] button, the [Ctrl]+[Y] option does not work and you have no other way to lookup the invoice number without closing the Bank Feed module.






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Thanks for your feedback @AlanT  I understand that currently there isn't a away to search for invoice number on the bank feeds screen. And as the invoice number is often included in the statement text to indicate who is paying and what invoice is being paid, having the invoice number be searchable would be very convenient.

You're idea has been marked as a duplicate as a similar idea has been raised. Though the suggested process for doing so is different, the goal is the same - to have the invoice number be easily searchable from bank feeds. With multiple copies of the idea left active the votes can be split between multiple suggestions making it harder for us to gauge the popularity of an the idea.


If you have comments regarding how to achieve the ability to search by invoice number from the bankfeeds screen, I'd recommend that you post them on the active idea linked above, to ensure that they will be seen,

In regards us CTRL+Y to bring up the find transactions screen, while this is disabled after clicking 'new' and selecting 'receive payment', it active on the bank feeds screen before clicking 'new'. While this isn't as convenient as being able to search directly in the bank feeds screen itself, it may be useful as a work-around for the meantime.

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Hi everybody!


Just a quick suggestion that would make using bank feeds significantly more beneficial than it already is (for both my business and hopefully others' too).


Many of our clients include the invoice number that they're paying in the description of their payment. Rather than having to deal with the monotonous speeds of a pretty big online company file, I believe that the time spent waiting between matching would be greatly reduced if the bank statement descriptions were automatically searched for an invoice number.


Ideally, it'd work similarly to invoice rules, in which, if a possible invoice number match was found, it would let you know on the "Your Transactions" side, where it could then be recorded and approved.


For Example:


A payment made on the 11/11/2015:

Description: PAYINGCOMPANY INV4785


1. Slower way when there's not enough information to make an invoice rule out of it.

- Look up the invoice number, make the payment, then click find on the bank feed and match it.


2. Faster, suggested method: 

- Click "find", in which the description is automatically searched for the invoice number.

- Recognised that INV4785 is referring to invoice 4785

- Possible invoice match comes up

- Record.



Anyway, it's just a thought. I hope it gets considered in the near future (provided that it's beneficial for everybody else too).