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Banking: Emailing Receipt option

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It would be great to be able to email receipts to customers when you receive their payment, at the moment you can only print and I find this waists time and paper.  (The email remittance feature works great so why not have an email receipts option too.)



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2021

Thank you all for showing your support and voting for this idea. While we recognize the importance of sales receipts to your business, due to competing priorities we regretfully announced that the inclusion of this idea has been delayed until further notice. We’ll share information on the future status of this idea when we have more information.

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We email a copy of the invoice after the payment has been paid.  This is done directly from the Sales Invoice screen and will show the amount paid and Nil balance due, therefore acts as a receipt.

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I agree completely I htink this is soemthing MYOB needs to look at urgently please

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How is being able to email a receipt to our customers in 2023 still not an option yet? Myob starting to lag behind the times.....

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Can not believe we are still waiting for this option, the monthly fee increases but the support doesn't. 

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This has been delayed for over 10 years. Surely it can't be that hard.

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I have been requesting the option to email receipts for 19 years.  MYOB are very irresponsible, not caring for the environment, making us all waste paper to print receipts, then waste envelopes and stamps to post receipts, when the simple option of allowing us to email receipts would make it more environmentally friendly and cheaper for businesses, who pay big dollars just to have the software.  Time MYOB listened to their customers needs.  33 pages of comments requesting this option.  When will they do thier job.

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This post was put up in 2021, I am reopening it. It is something that customers ie our customers want and therefore as my company is a customer of yours it should be a priority. I can not see how it would be to difficult to add as the functionality is there for sales invoices/statements etc.

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It's crazy that you don't have the option to email payment receipts. Pretty sure Xero has this feature. 

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@naomiacute and not only do they have the basic ability to email a receipt, MYOB have just said they are jacking the price another $10 per month from April.

I think as soon as I get the chance I will be changing over, the lack of response on the basics doesn't make up for the new features.

We can't even edit the layouts for the invoices anymore, have to use one of their templates or use the desktop app. Once they get rid of that we won't be able to make any updates to it at all.

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@_-_-_-_-_   I *might* have just sent a rather strongly worded feedback email in response to the price increase email...Smiley Frustrated Smiley Mad Smiley Sad