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Banking: Emailing Receipt option

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It would be great to be able to email receipts to customers when you receive their payment, at the moment you can only print and I find this waists time and paper.  (The email remittance feature works great so why not have an email receipts option too.)



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2021

Thank you all for showing your support and voting for this idea. While we recognize the importance of sales receipts to your business, due to competing priorities we regretfully announced that the inclusion of this idea has been delayed until further notice. We’ll share information on the future status of this idea when we have more information.

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@Stuckster yeah we used the migration service, then I tried doing it myself after they didn't include all the data.


I got most of it in, just had issues getting it all linked up, and needed more time to do it, which trying to do it all at the beginning of July was a bit too much.


If this issue doesn't get fixed or I get sick of the plague of other MYOB issues I might try a bit before so I am ready next year.

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MYOB seems to be more interested trying to sell us add ons that are not required.


MYOB AccountRight prices for not for profits doubled this year, but I cannot say that we get better value for money.


I understand that it takes time to develop products and add ons but it should not take 10 years to develop something that is  seems relatively simple and widely requested.


MYOB is too busy trying to sell us finance facilities and payroll package add ons to pay attention to what customers actually need and want.

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I called them twice with utmost frustration in the past and have been active on this forum too. 
they have a firewall in the Philippines that takes all the heat, and they sit here and take all our money. I am changing over to XERO.. this is enough!! 

10Y''s!!!! and yet they are getting to it!! Unbelievable. 

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Hi All, 

I am not sure if you all had a survey of MYOB message, I gave them a 1 with the big comment due to emailing receipt option not working, in the hope if more of you score them low that they maybe will put attention to it.