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Card: Employee - Lodge Tax File Number Declarations (TFNs)




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I would really like to be able to submit my New Employees Tax File Number Declarations Online in possibly the STP section of MYOB Accountright. 

I see theres a new Attachment section in the Card File for Employees - so have added their TFN Decs here, but will the ATO see this? 


I am currently employing another 15- 20 new employees each year and having to post them all (individually) via snail mail seems archaic, especially now there is STP. Currently MYOB and ATO have informed me there is no such thing available using Accountright, so Please Please consider adding this simple but very effective means of getting New Employees TFN Decs to the ATO and not having them get lost in the post.




"Lodging TFN Declarations online in STP"

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I couldnt agree more with this but to take it the next step....we have looked at using the MYOB Team app - the employee can update their personal details, tax and superannuation.  You would think as this links directly to MYOB Payroll, that this could be used instead of issuing hardcopies to new staff.  It eliminates incorrect data entry by data entry staff and saves time processing paperwork.


Xero has had the ability to at least lodge TFN declarations for a few years so MYOB should be able to have this function through the STP.


I think this a a pretty important upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come on MYOB!!

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In our business, we still send ATO paper-based TFN forms. As of today, I don't think MYOB Account right has a provision to update ATO with TFN numbers. 


Thank you

Hari Yellina. 

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Seconded. It seems counterproductive that we have to do this 'the old fashioned way' when we have to enter all the information included on the tax file number declaration on the employee record in any case. 

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1000% agree with this.  When our business was smaller we used simple accounting software called cashflow manager. Even they had the capabilities to lodge TFN electronically. Was so much more convienient. Would love MYOB to add this feature.

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Hi All


The introduction of STP 2.0 from the 1 January 2022 will do away with the need to lodge TFN Declarations with the ATO at all.


Whilst this would have been a good piece of functionality it will soon be not necessary.

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Especially seeing how this functionality is available in other online payroll solutions, and has been for years now... come on MYOB!

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Relationship between STP2 and the TFN declaration

STP Phase 2 doesn't change the way your employees give you information about their tax circumstances. Your employees should still give you a completed TFN declaration..

When you start reporting through STP Phase 2, the employment and taxation information in your STP report will replace sending TFN declarations to us. This means you don't need to send us a copy of the TFN declaration your employee has given you. However, you can continue to send TFN declarations to us if it supports your other business processes, such as establishing an employment relationship before requesting stapled super fund details.