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Card File: Ability to set head office cards/accounts

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One feature that is lacking from MYOB is the abillity to have a Head Office account so multiple customers can have their invoices combined onto one statement. 


for example one of our customers is a chain of hardware stores currently we use one account (ABC Hardware - head office)  to invoice the store in the PO# we put the PO # Town it would be much simpler if we could have an account for each store (much easier when looking at their history) that is then charged back to the Head Office account and will appear on one statement easily identified by our customer as PO # Town   Inv #


Hope this make sense Smiley Happy 


"Customer Cards - Head Office Accounts"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2014

Thanks for the idea MHS. I can certainly understand having the ability to link cards to a head office card could make reporting and invoicing an easier process. As Nic-Acc-addons mentioned there are some 3rd party programs that may suit your current requirements. To have this type of functionality added to the software, we would love to hear what other users think.

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Yes, I too would like an update on this.  I am positive there was a solution similar to what we are requesting on an older version of MYOB.  Are we moving any closer??

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This addition would be very useful.  I have 34 invoices paid on one remittance today over 10 customers.  Please save me all this time and torture!!!! 

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I agree, we are a small business but have several customers that have large branch networks.  All software I've previously used has included functionality to allow parent/child linked customer accounts for statement sending purposes.  It makes collecting debts so much more efficient which is a real comemrcial necessity for small - medium growing businesses.  Please listen MYOB, your customers need this feature, not in an add-on though. 

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We have several (~6) customers with multiple branches (3-40 odd branches). Currently we have them set up as separate customers/cards and then have to pdf invoices and statements, save them individually and send them to head offices for payment in two batches (North Island and South Island). We receive one or two payments from each customer for all of their branches, which of course won't reconcile using bank feeds so need to go through them manually each month. Also when doing reporting, it is difficult to look at trends with these customers on a branch and then national level.

We would very much appreciate the ability to have a head office type of link, the ability to reconciles payments for multiple branches, and reports that also allows for primary (branch) and secondary (head office/grouped) level reporting. I rasied this with MYOB when we first started using it in 2013.

With large customers, we really need more email/contact person fields. Some specific ones for eg orders, accounts, contracts/head honcho would be good, or the ability to put in a job title for each contact.

We are not interested in using/paying for third party apps and consider that this should be part of standard functionality of software like MYOB. With the increased subscription price, we are looking at alternative providers that have this 'out of the box'.

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I would definitely welcome seeing a parent child relationship to receive in remittances from Head Offices.  

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I'm sure earlier versions of MYOB had this functionality, why it hasn't carried through to the online version is puzzling. 


For us it is causing a number of problems with another APP we use that imports all our service invoicing into MYOB, but it doesn't allow for sub-cards/locations when it syncs with MYOB it creates the sub-cards a primary cards but not with the account name, only with the identification set for the sub-location.


We deal with housing developments and retirement homes, so we end up with all these cards called Unit XXX, for all different primary clients that have multiple units that we service. We can merge them into the primary cards, but every time the 2 systems sync, the sub-cards are recreated as primary cards, we shouldn't have to waste our time fixing this on a daily basis.

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It would be great if Cards could have a Head Office and Branch functionality similar to Jobs where they have a Header and sub job Detailed Job info. This would allow us to send invoices and statements to a central head office for payments, but shipping and contact details for each of the regional branches we service. Even though all of this customer's branches use a central AP address, the customer has requested we combine all our branch cards as they want to process a single end of period supplier statement. We have at least half a dozen national truck dealer customers who operate similarly.

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If this is not or cannot be made available  in AccountRight version, would any MYOB guru tell me what MYOB product has this head office and branch card  feature?