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Email: Be able to add a proper CC field to emails

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Hi Guys,


We have a situation where a client needs to email a sales invoice to multiple customer contacts as well as cc it to various internal stakeholders.


The only way you can do this at the moment is by either manually adding all emails to the email field in the contact card (fine for customer email addresses, not for the internal stakeholder ones), or manually checking and changing each email as it goes out to have the right people on it (not effective you have large numbers of customers).


Ideal solution would be adjust 'Email' in the Contact card to be 'Primary email' and have a new field called 'CC Email' which then flows through to the email screens.


Now that 2016.1 has its own email engine, this should be relatively easy to accomplish.




Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2023

Hi Everyone

Emailing invoices through the AccountRight Browser interface allows users to add a CC email address (up to 5 per email). This allows the user to include another email address to that email. These addresses are remembered for the next time you email.

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1.The ability to be able to CC sending emails through myob.

For eg: Sales email to client and their accounts dept. or anybody else that needs to see the same email!

Also more spots for email addresses.


2. The abilty to put more than 1 invoice number in the invoice section on P/O's

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Hi @Rylea1,

I love the idea.


I would like to offer a work around to the first part of your idea that you may not be aware of.

While it is not CC, you are able to add multiple email addresses while on the Print/Email Purchases and the Print/Email Invoices Screens.

I have an example below. Hopefully this makes it easier for you while you are waiting for a status update to this idea.







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Yes I totally agree, it would be helpful to be able to have the feature introduced where you can set up an email address to be CC'd into the email as default.

If it helps in the meantime, I believe you can add other email addresses into the card, using a semi-colon to separate the addresses, and then invoices or statements would be sent to all those email addresses.  

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MYOB Essentials has it. Why is it that a more advanced, more expensive MYOB product cannot do it???????


Can someone from MYOB please explain

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I wish to add my support to this addition to Account Right, I have this issue on a weekly basic and it's a pain in the ...



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We have the same issue, when we send invoices , we must add a minimum of 5 recipients and it is imperitive that they be on the original email. It is really hard to see who is on there on that one line with so much information, and sometimes we have to resend copies to one person only, which means deleting the whole line and manually adding the one person.


It is ver tricky and we should have a CC file in the card file and also when you send it.  

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Hi, we at APR also have the need to cc people with certain emails and due to email protocol, you normally only send to: the person that needs to action the email and cc: those that are merely FYI.


We strongly endorse the need for a cc: in the email facility please.

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This was available in Premier (linked in the background somewhere) but now I am using AR 17 I can only have 1 email address.

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please add the ability to email more receipients

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please add CC for emailing