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Forms: Permanently disable snap to grid

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It drives me crazy! I turn off the SNAP TO GRID option, but it always reverts back to being turned on when you return to customise again or customise further. I could handle that, but even when you turn it off, I often click on a field that I want to customise further and it jumps to another location??  Why is this? What is making it lurch to another location on the form? Then I'm back to square one re-locating it to where I had it in the first place. Often I just want to change the wording of a text box or colour of the font or some other simple thing and then when I click on the it just jumps to somewhere else on the form. Can anyone help? 

'"Customise Forms Grid Options"

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I can't help you unfortunately. I believe the whole 'custom forms' feature needs an overhaul, there are many issues i've run into with the current implementation. See my post here: