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Forms: (Professional) invoices - hide zero (0.00) values on line with just date





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Traditionally (ie Classic and AE) it has been possible to print lines with Dates and descriptions with zero values and no amount is dislayed; merely a blank field. Now in AR2018 all zero values print as $0.00.


So where a proressional layout may have numerous lines reflecting varying dates and descriptions and a single total at the bottom now each date line is showing the $0.00. It looks anything but Professional!


Surely we can have an option to suppress printing zero values!


"Suppressing zero values on Professional Invoice layout lines!"

Trusted Cover User SharonPerth
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I 100% agree. I've just spent hours adding headers to every line of all of my recurring Invoices - to avoid this exact same thing.


Shortcut is CNTL+SHIFT+R if you need a current work around - it inserts the equivalent of a note line, and no account number of $0.

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Super Partner Will_SolnX
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Agreed, I just had to help someone with this a fortnight ago.  Almost went crazy before I remembered how to do the Add note lines trick.
(Can it be more obvious that there's a hidden right click add note lines option as well as having an optional "Suppress 0 value lines on professional invoices" option?)

Partner colh
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I totally agree, looks very unprofessional.