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Inventory: Price matrix - Update price based on percentage

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Here’s what I would like to see:


AR2012 – Item price matrix. I would like to be able to use a in-built formula to calculate the various pricing levels based on Base Price. Exporting the items list to txt, importing into Excel, performing calculations on 3,500 items, saving as txt and re-importing into AccountRight is a pain.




'Item price matrix - percentage markup"

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Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion. Anyone who would like to setup their item prices based on a percentage mark-up of the base selling price, please cast your vote here.

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The price levels are great for applying to different customers but it would be great if there was capacity to auto calculate the markup - i.e. if level could be set at base price + user defined % markup.


That way I can set my level markups and, when the base price changes, the markups update automatically and I don't have to go do them all manually




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Thanks for the great suggestion. Anyone who would like to setup their item prices based on a percentage mark-up of the base selling price, please cast your vote here.

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It would be good to enable an option so that the custom price levels are listed as a percentage of base value rather than a specific $ value. 


This will be very useful for certain customers with volatile base price that change daily/weekly eg businesses that sell produce.




if Base Price changes, all the other price levels will automatically change as well, since they are a % value of the base price.

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I would like to see a variation of this where as new stock is adjusted in, MYOB Accountright calculates and applies a new selling price based on a preloaded percetage markup for that item or items flagged with that product group

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In an inventory item there is the selling tab. Within this window there are the selling levels Retail, Level B, Level C etc here you can put special pricing and then in sales/customers you can tie these different levels to particular customers. B = 10% (Trade), C = 15% (Govt), D = 20% (wholesale) etc


I thought this was a good idea and implemented, but the problem with this feature is when there is a price change in the retail price.


Because it is a manually entered system each level has to be adjusted manually.


For example previous RRP was $100 and is now $95 you have to go and use a calculator to manually work out each level of pricing and adjust. What’s worse is that if you don't know what the discount structure was for each level, some else did it, and even though you can change the descriptive of the levels i.e. Level B can be changed to Trade this doesn’t help. You can’t for example change it to 10% because not every item you sell has the same margin i.e. an item that we sell we might only buy at RRP - 20% so the trade price for that item might only be 5%.


A much better and easier way for levels to work would be by entering the discount of RRP, for example

B = 5%, C = 10% etc and have that tied to that item only.


This way you can structure each item individually, can see what discounts have been applied and correct were necessary, by changing the RRP it will automatically update all the selling levels as it is only a % function not a hard set amount.


This would have to be adjustable per item and not inventory wide as different item attract different %.


At the moment as I am finding these I am setting all levels to RRP, the problem with this is that we have a number of customers and products that attract different % discounts so keep tab of who gets what and for what item is a total pain.


Possible to change to % per item?



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