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Inventory: Standard Cost/Last Purchase Price per item option

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It would be great if we could have a number check boxes on each inventory card as follows rather than the current system wide option in the setup menu.


1/ use standard cost as default price

2/ use last purchase price as default


At present there is a system wide option to use the standard cost as the default. The issue for my business is if we select  this option all the items in our inventory that do not have a standard cost assigned in the item card will automatically be $0 as the default in our purchase entry's.


The reason this would be useful for my business , is due to using multiple suppliers and purchasing the same item and there pricing can be different use the price that automatically populates as you are entering in the line item as a reference point to keep the suppliers honest or within reason.


I understand that we can check every card for pricing but this become very tedious if you are entering numerous invoices with multiple line items


 "Inventory card adjustment to include the option for Standard cost or last purchase price"