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Job Report - Job Transactions (Accrual)

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Version 19 showed the Allocation Memo in the report - this is now not available as a Add/Hide option in the Job Activity (detail) report.  I sucks as I cannot see what the items are line by line in the purchase or sale, and the column "Memo"is useless - it needs to be supplier or customer name, and the Description from sales or purchases.  Please fix, I'm very disappointed in AccountRight 2019.4. 

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Hi PQPAust,


I agree in regard to the "line by line: in the purchase or sale.


We use the Job Transactions [Accrual] for all projects and have to oncharge materials etc to our clients in a detailed format.


MYOB - can you please look at this - we use your software because of the job-costing and prior to using accountright we had Premier 19 the Job cost transaction report was excellent as it was line by line as per the invoice.  Now it has all the different materials from each line crammed into one line and a total at the end.  Using Items is not acceptable for the style of our business. 


We have been using a custom report from "Payables-Purchase Invoice Check [Supplier Detail] but there is no additional filter to select a "Job No" so having a large number of Projects/Jobs it takes a lot of hours to export to excel and manipulated the date to provide the information required.


I have flagged this problem for since moving to Accountright 2016  and have seen many other users with the same problems - can you please make the

Job Cost area work properly?!