MYOB Invoices (app): Ability mark invoice as being paid via EFT

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Myob on the go  needs to be adjusted to have other paid options

Eg  I create an Invoice on my ipad  and the customer then on site wants to pay via EFT direct from there bank

There is no option to mark this invoice paid , Unless I return to the office and use my desktop version to mark it paid .This is only after I signed up with the Card Reader (Pay direct) So when I email the customer from site The Invoive still has an outstanding balance  I dont mind if it still goes to undeposited funds as long as the customer sees a zero balance . As I have two ipads one with and one without card reader (use third party efpos terminal for  payments  on ipad without due to no moto) When accepting card payments with the ipad without reader ,I also can't mark these as paid

Causing consusion and possibly double payment of Invoice

Please can you change ON THE GO APP to suit

Please can as many people vote on this so it can change


"Payment options  ON the go"