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Payroll Reporting (STP): Prior payroll years data




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you recently made prior years EOFY finalisation information unavailable -i.e 2019/2020 and have only allowed the prior year and current year to be seen in the EOFY tab e.g. 2020/2021 & 2021/2022.

I would like to suggest that you allow all previous years EOFY finalisatoin information and reports to be available so accountants and bookkeepers can check what has been reported to the ATO and confirm the finalisation process has been completed.

I understand wanting to lock prior years so no amendments can be done due to timing, but we should still be able to view this information and download reports to have supporting evidence should we need to contact the ATO for any reason.

"STP Reporting Centre - EOFY previous years STP Finalisation data and reports made available"