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Print/Email Pay slips: Include pay period dates in emailed PDF filename





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When completing a pay run, there is an option to email the Pay Advice to the employee's included in the Pay Run. 


When the Pay Advice is emailed to the employee, the file name of the pdf that is emailed is the exactly the same for each Pay Advice.

To help the employee better find and track down a Pay Advice for a particular pay period, can the Pay Period End Date be added to the end of the Pay Slip file name?

For example, instead of "PaySlipPDF.pdf", can MYOB produce a file labelled "PaySlipPDF YYMMDD", where YYMMDD represents the year, month, day of the Pay Period end date?


Prior to the update to MYOB essentials, the pay slip advice pdfs did include the pay period end date.  can this not simply be coded back into the software when it ouputs the pdf?


"Adding Pay Period End Date to Pay Advice pdfs when emailed"