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Print to PDF from MYOB

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Hi There


For many years I have used Nitro PDF to print invoices to PDF, and also to print payslips etc for attaching to email.


While on the whole I now use the internal MYOB emailing system, that is not always an option as many people have the MYOB direct emails go to spam.... So it's easier just to still pdf for them and attach to an email and send it.


However I am having continual troubles sending it to pdf, something in the spooler just dies.


And when printing the payslips there is no way that I can tick all 9 payslips and it go through each to give them a file name and save to a filename, as it used to do 6 months ago....


Can you advise any way to help this problem of printing to PDF and if MYOB coding suits a particular PDF generator..... 

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100% yes. This idea would be amazing. So simple.