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Remittance Advices: Separate email address

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As email is coming more into play, companies are wanting EFT Remittance advice sent direct to accounts and orders sent direct to sales.  Are more email addresses able to be added.  Or can this already be done without having to change the address each time.


"Add ability to send to multiple email addresses at once from inside MYOB software"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2013

Great suggestions everyone! We are pleased that the ability to send to multiple email addresses has now been included in AccountRight 2013.4, available now. Thanks again for all your votes and comments.

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+1 for multiple e-mails - should be simple enough to allow say semi-colon seperated list of addresses in existing email field - only logic change would be to parse the email address and send one per valid address found between semicolons (i.e.; would generate mail to both addresses).


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Can I suggest the option of exporting the email directly to Outlook.  I am not sure how this would work when sending out batches such as Statments and Payslips but it would make it easy to select more than one recipient and also give the opportunity to word a decent size message along with the attachment.  Either way, selecting more than once recipient and also having room to write a longer message would be very beneficial.

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Thank You Kerry  and Teala, I am trying your suggestion re Clickyes.  Sorry Kerry, did not understand it was software until Teala's response.

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We run a dancing school and we send our invoices by e-mail. The number of broken families that require the invoices to more than address is growing. Is ther a way to have in the customer cards more than on slot for E mails?

Also it would be great to have more than 3 custom list to sort the differents types of things people do.

I supose both of those issues would have to be part of an upgrade but I think they would be useful for a lots of your customers

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Thank you for the feedback about this feature. We already have a thread discussing this feature request, and we'd appreciate it if you could vote for this idea there, as well as providing any comments.
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Yes we need to send all invoices and statements at once without having to click yes button on everyone


Can this be done now ??

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Thanks for all your votes and comments. We are planning on introducing this functionality to AccountRight in the near-future.
Former Staff JasonHill
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Many thanks for all your votes and comments. We are pleased to let you know that the ability to send to multiple email addresses is now in development and scheduled for AccountRight 2013.4 next month.
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Would like to email statements, invoices, remittances, pay advices etc to multiple recipients at the same time.  I understand that this may be being developed.  Any idea when it might be available.

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Just say your email Jason.  Looking forward to the update.  Thanks.