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Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - Multi Period

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Can you please add a Multi period profit and loss sheet in the reports as this would make it easier to filter the jobs that you are after for the profit and loss in that period. There is one i know under profit and loss mutli period but it gives you all the jobs together, It would be a great idea if we had one to seperate the jobs.


"Multi Period Profit and Loss report for Jobs"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2014

Thanks for your suggestion Helen. Anyone else who would also like to see a multi-period job profit and loss report, please cast your vote here.

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We absolutely require the Job Profit & Loss Statement mutli period, I currently export each month to excel inserting column, to extract Job Name, to create reports by departments, to do Pivot charts for management as they like these better than the raw data report that I enjoy. But it can be quiet time consuming with interuptions and other tasks that are required. Please simplify by adding this report or a fuction in the current Profit & Loss [Multi-Period] report where we could filter by job's, would be greatly apperciated by all, I am sure.