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Reports: Job report to show time billing costs




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New Zealand

I would love (and need!) to have the ability to generate a report of our job costings that includes the time billing costs.  At present, I have to generate a job cost report, export it to excel, and then generate a time billing report on that same job, export that into excel, copy and paste the information and manually add it all up.  The time billing report only gives me our hourly charge out rate, and quantities, but not our hourly rate cost.  I would love to generate one report that includes our hourly rate time costs as well as materials/freight costs etc so that we have one complete and accurate report instead of manually adding things up!


"Job Reporting"

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If you need a solution now, you should look at a custom report. If you are using version 19 or earlier, contact me for details. I have done an extensive but similar report for a client.  (If my signature does not appear, click on my user name).

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I know this is an old thread but this is something that I have been looking for and really need for our business.  Is your custom report still available?

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Hi @Souter

If you are considering @Mike_James's offer of a custom report for job tracking I would recommend contacting him directly to see if its first still available and if he can point you in the right direction to obtain it .


You can send him a private message on the MYOB Community Forum using the "Send this user a private message" on the left hand side by clicking into his username i.e. @Mike_James