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Sales: PDF filename based on company name

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For organisation running multiple entities who share common clients, it would be a good idea to allow user to customise the automatically generated file name (such as the PDF invoice file name) so when we are saving documents or sending documents the file name is unique entity wise and selfeplainatory.


For example the current defaul PDF invoice name is something like "INV000123". I would like to be able to customise the name to be something like "BusinessName000123" when saving it or emailing it to a client.


"Customize default file name generated by MYOB"

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Hi @Terry_W,

Thank you for your suggestion. I can see how useful that can be if you were able to modify the attachment names.

It would definitely help categorise the emails that are sent/received.

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How did anyone go with Terrys idea on, "PDF file name changing before saving" idea. this would be very helpful.  I also would like to change the PDF name to something more interesting. My clients have asked me on many occasions,"Why isnt my quote saved as a location or job name?"..."i cant find it in my emails?"

Please help