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Setup: Filing cabinet for documents

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Our small business is currently trying to go paperless as much as possible. Any accounts received by email are received as a pdf and I transfer it into files for safe keeping. I started thinking wouldn't it be easy if you were able to scan the document from a scanner /or email and import the pdf and attach to customer file or invoice or receipt number etc thus allowing you to look in the one area for a copy of a document instead of two places. It would be time and cost effective and easy for  the accountant and the tax audit trail or is there something that does this all now and I am behind?


Trying to get beyond the pile of paper.




suggestion:Accounting and scan software- MYOB accounting & Filing cabinet in one"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2018

Hi Everyone


Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1, we are excited to announce the ability to upload and attach documents to Spend Money transactions and cards. This is also in addition to the AccountRight In Tray.

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I need to be able to attach pdf documents to Sales invoices.  Not to email, but to save a copy in our system.  Are there any plans to enable this please?

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Account Right is good as far it goes but I would like to see this taken further. Expand MYOB from accounting to include administration. 

1. A new command centre tab - File cabinet (for non-specific items)

2. Make it so folders can be set. For example HR could include copy of various awards, and company policy/procedures. Contracts may include the property lease agreement, loan contracts, and long term supplier agreements. Other categories may include governance procedures, reconcilaitions, tax return.


Keeping these documents with the MYOB umbrella adds to security and easy search.