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Spend Money: Attachment documents





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Is there any way we can attach invoices to spend money.  We have around 20 Credit cards for the business and it would make life simpler if we could attach the invoices in spend money rather than entering each invoice into a purchases and paying via pay bills.


thank you


"Attaching invoices in Spend Money"

Community Manager Suja_P
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Community Manager

Hi everyone,


We're working on attaching receipts to spend and receive money transactions.


Delivery will be to MYOB Essentials to start, with AccountRight to follow.

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Cover User

We've only recently started using Accountright on the cloud and are extremely disappointed that we can't attach receipts to the Spend Money transactions. This is a straightforward function which I naively assumed was part of the Intray function you advertise and I'm rather embarrassed that I recommended MYOB to my colleagues over other accounting programs which offer this function. We moved to online accounting to become paperfree and get with the times - we thought we were getting a modern accounting solution. I see that customers have been asking for this for several years. I'm flabbergasted that you have not addressed this deficiency and we're stuck with an inefficent system for receipts.


MYOB, could you please advise a more specific timeframe for this? "Coming soon" is vague and could be years away. I need to decide how we're going to store receipts in the meantime and whether the ongoing inconvenience is worth it.


MYOB Product Team Haydes
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MYOB Product Team

Hi @Haccounts


You might like to read this post we have on the MYOB Community Blog: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages


This goes through what the different status's mean and also includes some details on how we prioritise ideas.

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Thanks Hayden. That's a helpful link.

Partner Rayleen
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(1) To be able to link pdf docs to the following (1) Spend Money Transactions (2) Receive Money transactions (3) Sales Register transactions

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support link document to spend money.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1. I'm pleased to announce that documents can be uploaded and attached to Spend Money transactions. For more information on this release please see AccountRight 2018.4.1 now available

Partner nmcginniss
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I would love to see be able to attach invoices to spend money via intray as well. 

thank you.