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Spend Money/Receive Money: Ability to Insert/Delete Rows (General Journals)





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It would be really useful if MYOB had the ability to insert rows in Spend Money/Receive Money/General Journals transactions (you can do it in purchase/sales invoices) – it is extremely frustrating when something has been entered and a line is missing, you then need to redo a section of the journal if you want it in a particular order (or especially with recurring journals that may slightly change from month to month and you want to insert a line, but not at the bottom). 


This would be easily overcome with the ability to insert lines in these types of transactions.  What do other people think or am I the only one that wants the order of line items to be in a specific order?

"Ability to Insert/Delete rows in Spend/Receive Money and General Journals"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2012

This is a great idea and one we will consider for a future update. If others think this would be a valuable feature please vote for it as it will help us prioritise our work.

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When going back into an entry to check the account or gst codes are correct, and then splitting the amount between gst free and gst or even just changing the gst code it will then automatically create a new line with the last used account code and a zero $ amount.


It would be good to be able to delete this line or not automatically create it at all, because then when you print out a report listing all the transactions in that account (eg insurance) it will include all the zero $ lines as well, creating a report that it not only harder to read, but also a lot longer than it needs to be.



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Hi @lorrainea


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and Spend Money transactions.

I've merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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Please add this feature.  We need to have very long "Receive Money" transactions and it is important that they are entered in a particular order.   We must be able to enter a line to add an entry or remove a line if it has been entered incorrectly.  We can add and remove lines in invoices, why not in receive money?  Even a header line would be such a help.

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bump! bump! bump! x1000!


Need to be able to add and delete lines in general journals so GJ matches source document. 

Can't imagine why this simple ability to add/ delete lines is not standard?


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Hi @Glenys_GCRS,


Have you thought about assembling your data in a file and importing it. Then you could get it all sorted into order.


If you export a Receive Money Transaction you will see what format you need to use the MYOB import assistant.


Alternatively you can import Receive Money transactions using TransPost Plus, in which case you would likely not need to enter so much into your data file as it provides for setting defaults for many fields. If it is always the same deposit account then its likely all you would need in your data is the basic details about the payment and card if applicable and, for each line, the account, allocation memo and amount and taxcode for each allocation. You ca specify inc-tax or ex-tax amount and the rest is calculated automatically.


You can download it from and try it out free for 30 days. 


Julia Roberts
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I can see how this has been discussed before (years before) yet still it is not an option.  I hope this is marked for action very soon.

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I agree!


I ahve just come online to find out how I delete the line that keeps popping up under my transactions in Spend Money. It takes me several attemps to delete it and I have actually come up with a VOID entry when I exit.


This is REALLY frustrating. THere should be an add and delete in journals and SPens and Receive. WHY HASN"T THIS BEEN ADDED!

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Hi. I see alot of people have voted for this, and it is something I would love too. For some reason I am unable to see all the comments, so can you please tell me if this is a feature that MYOB are actually looking into? Thanks

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It is also frustrating that currently, in Spend Money, even when you delete the data from an automatically generated new line, a  relict "$0.00" is left behind which is inconvenient to delete.

Implementing the "delete row" suggestion would provide a fix to this problem which did not exist in MYOB v19.15 but has been introduced in AR2019.2.

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ARL 2018 and 2019 (before the latest upgrade to 2019.2.1) used to have an auto balancing feature when there were multiple lines in a transaction. After speaking with Tech support this appears to have been removed as a feature by product developers. Why? The feature was great when there were multiple lines as it always balanced to the full transaction amount. Who thought that this would be a good idea to remove this feature without speaking with the end users? Please re-instate this feature ASAP.