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Time Billing: Enter Multiple Activity Slips - Remove of auto-populated date when editing dates

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When entering Multiple Time Billing Slips the date will usually auto-populate to the same date as the last line entered, which is great, but if try to change this after I have entered data on that line, it will change to the current month. Eg, The date today is 02/06/2015, I'm entering data for last month, say 20/05/2015. If I enter the customers name, and then try to change this date to the 21/05/2015 it will then change the month to 06. I know its only a few more numbers to type, but its unexpected and usualy tab out of that box before I realise MYOB wants to live in the future. Smiley Happy


Also the date range at the top (which is a excelent feature) always reverts back to the defult current month. If I enter last month (01/05/2015 to 31/05/2015) then press record the date will change to the current month (01/06/2015 to 30/06/2015)


Any way to make life a little more simplier and get MYOB to remember my dates that are entered for the session?


"Month updating to current month when entering data"

Date will correctly populate from last one entered, reclicking into that field will change it to be the current date.

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We have found a few changes in AccountRight 2016 - Time Billing that are causing us grief:

1. When entering Time Billing into previous versions if you chose ‘enter multiple slips’ it remembered for the entire session of entering data. Now after recording each staff members entries you have to click on it again as it reverts to a single entry. Very clumsy.

2. When entering Time Billing into previous versions once you moved on to the next line the entry was saved. Now you have to press 'record' or the entry is lost. As we sometimes make 20 or so entries at a time, to find the entire session was lost because we didn't hit the 'record' button is frustrating. Not sure why this was changed.


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I too am losing work and wasting time as it doesnt record the multiple time billing automatically.  I would have thought this would have been a priority to fix.