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5 months ago

Purchases not auto populating

Hi since the upgrade invoices/bills imported into MYOB are not auto populating.  I am having to manually enter the contact details, it does pick up invoice numbers and values but nothing else.  It doesn't seem to remember due dates ie 20th following month.

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    THis is happening to me too, especially purchases invoices I receive from suppliers using Xero which used to pre-populate / auto fill the supplier name, invoice number, amount but don't now

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      Here is the reply I received from MYOB - they must be referring to your comment as I have had none from them.  I am seriously considering switching to Xero as MYOB are dropping the ball


      Hello evolution,

      Forum Topic: Purchases not auto populating
      Date: 20-02-2024 09:31 AM

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        Hi Evolution and AUCKLAND,


        Thanks for reaching out.


        My apologies for the late response. We're sorry to hear that the purchase is not auto-populating on your end. We appreciate your patience with this. There don't seem to be any recent updates or announcements from MYOB regarding the issue of invoices not auto-populating contact details and due dates. To investigate it further, may we know if you're still experiencing this issue on your end? If so, we recommend clearing out the cache and cookies of the browser you're using or trying to use a different browser to have it show up.


        Do let me know if the issue still persists after doing this. We're always delighted to assist you further.



        Kind regards,