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Turn off Warnings




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I get that you think we need these warnings. I don't. I've been bookkeeping for 25 years and I've got it handled. There are many, many other bookkeepers who know their stuff and don't need to be babied with these multiple warnings. Have you read them lately?


Information -

Check the BSB and account numbers. If they're incorrect, the wrong account may be credited and your bank may not be able to recover the funds for you. The account name isn't used to process payments. 


Hey, it's 2019. I think we've got it.


Xero doesn't shove warnings all over the screen but is way easier for a non-bookkeeper person to learn and use.  I don't need a reminder to check the bsb and bank account, or to use a purchase instead of spend money, or that I have reconciled the transaction and will need to match again IF I make changes. 


Ultimately, and this is what it comes down to - MYOB warnings waste my time. I spend multiple seconds removing them just to proceed with my work. Over 15 years, that adds up to a lot of wasted clicks.


Suggestions --

1. Remove entirely

2. Provide option to remove based on User setup. Then you can put your disclaimer in here about not taking repsonsibility for messed up transactions. ie. "Turn off at your own risk!"

3. Provide a "professionals" login or tick box for those of us who don't need to be told to check the bsb and bank account every time we batch up electronic payments. 

4. Put the Warnings somewhere else on the screen. The above message shows up over the total, so you cannot proceed without a precise little click in the blue box to remove it.

5. Use a hover over icon for more information, so anyone who is unsure can click the "warning" to provide extra information.


There are real warnings and there are standard information warnings. Unfortunately, you don't actually need to do something that might be a mistake to get one. You get the warning when you click on a standard label. These are not suitable as warnings when you have worked in this industry and are well versed with bookkeeping. Keep the warnings for "locked periods," changing dates to previous financial years etc, AFTER making a change to a transaction that has been reconciled - NOT BEFORE when all you're trying to do is view it. Keep the warnings for actions that reflect possible user error. That's a warning. Not checking a bank account and bsb every time you click "Prepare Electronic Payments"





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Please please PLEASE find a solution to this annoying & timewasting problem

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Could not agree more!!  Is a hugely annoying feature of MYOB - that seems to have only gotten worse in the cloud version.

PLEASE myob - give the User the option.


Also hate how all the different buttons are all over the screen.

Top left  for journals/layout/print etc

Bottom left  for payments/use recurring/save recurring etc

Bottom right for recording

Top right for refreshing 


Suffer from RSI from moving the mouse all over the screen - and there is NO logical placement of the next button, relative to the button you just used .  In fact, MYOB seems to delight in taking you to the opposite end of the screen EVERYTIME you have to click.  Someone there with a very warped sense of humor- me thinks....