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User Access: Sign on window to remember email address

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2016.03 brings a new logon screen.

Ok cool that you can stay signed in for 12 hours.

But annoying that I have to enter my email address every morning - why can't this be saved?

I don't see it as a security risk.


"2016.03 New Sign in window - save the email address!"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight 2016.3 new login process

From today your email address will be automatically remembered, so you will only need to enter a password when logging in. You will need to enter your email address manually the first time you sign in today, then it will be remembered.

Please note that if you manually sign out from AccountRight i.e. select Log Out in the Library Browser the email address will not be remembered.

Rest assured that we've taken on board your feedback and the many suggestions we've received on the Community Forum, and will continue to update the sign-in experience in the new year. 

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Hi @Steven_M,


Am I missing something..? Because when I open AccountRight 2016.3, I still have to enter my email adress everytime??!

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Agree with others. This temporary sign in screen is very annoying. the 12hrs is still a pain in the ...

MYOB please go back to how it was - user decides how sign in operates. Either sign in each time or option to skip the emails and passwords and just press ENTER. That worked fine for yrs.

Sometimes we fiddle with things to much and end up going backwards. Lie the sayimng goes"if some works, dont much with it"

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Hi @SamG



I would recommend taking a look at my post on Logon Issue email address not saved in relation to the email not being saved in that new sign on window.