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TPAR Reporting for multiple GL Codes

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TPAR Reporting for multiple GL Codes



I want to report TPAR on some of our service providers who also provide us with materials. Usually these items are on invoice and tracked to IT Expenses. 

However, with TPAR being required for IT services, we will need to split these between two codes under IT as Support and Materials. We will need to report the Support component for TPAR. 


However, when we tick the supplier as reportable but enter the invoice split between the reporting GL code and Non-reporting GL code, would it automatically take the reporting portion to Report Taxable Payments reveiw screen and remove the non-reporting component?


The alternative was to create two supplier cards with one reportable components and other with non-reportable components. Then to split the invoices at the time of invoice data entry to MYOB. This would result in the same invoice number repeating under two supplier cards which might give rise to another set of audit issues in the future. 

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Re: TPAR Reporting for multiple GL Codes

Hi @hansap 

Taxable payments are based on the transaction payment. It looks at the full payment of the transaction, you are not able to set it to look at only a portion of the payment/originating transaction.


In saying that, there are two ways that I can see you doing that process:

  • Have two supplier cards as you have indicated
  • When you do wish to report a transaction enable the Report Taxable Payments option on the transaction. If there is a situation where you do need to record some reportable and some not, you would need to record multiple transactions and enable the option accordingly.

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