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Dashboard: GST Payment/Refund (NZ)

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New Zealand

Will the NZ liveaccounts evea  have the gst due est on homepage  like the aussy version?


"GST Due"

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Could we have a GST widget on the home screen of the NZ version?


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The AU versiom shows the GST owed on the front page.  The NZ version does not.  Can we please add this widget.

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MYOB Moderator
Thanks for the idea John, we'll look into this for future releases of NZ LiveAccounts. What does everyone else think, is this a feature you'd use if it was there?
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Can someone please do a software update to display the GST payable or the gst refund due on the dashboard on MYOB Essentials NZ software, the same as the PAYE and KIWISAVER due is displayed on the dashboard?

Apparently It appears it is available on the ausy software but not NZ?   It would then give a business a complete picture of their financial status at that particular point in time.......Very helpfull info, would be a great help to manage cashflow.




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Thank you for your post, @Mr-Odd-Jobs. We understand the benefits of being able to see the GST Payable and Refund amounts on your dashboard. This is something that our developers may consider including in a future update. I request others who would like this change to please vote and add any relevant comments.
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yes please show GST due on the dashboard